Vision, Mission, and Sustainability

As the professional association for public health in Nebraska, our shared vision is:

Driving Nebraska's public health forward.

We envision a future where our association members are supported, connected, and engaged to work together toward this vision. The mission of our association is:

To unite and amplify the voice of public health to promote healthier communities in Nebraska.

Five strategic objectives aim to achieve this mission.

  • Build internal capacity & funding
  • Engage membership
  • Organize and strengthen advocacy
  • Develop and promote member benefits
  • Build a communication strategy

To guide our activities toward these objectives over the long term, five new committees were established in the fall of 2021.

  • The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organization's budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the community.
  • The Membership Committee is dedicated to identifying and engaging new and existing members through networking, education, collaboration, and advocacy. The scope of the PHAN membership committee is to engage existing public health leaders and identify new public health partners to enhance and advocate for the overall health of Nebraskans.
  • The Advocacy Committee works to inform, create, and influence legislation and policy while ultimately changing the environment in order to create circumstances in which optimal health is possible.
  • The Program & Education Committee develops PHAN events, including conferences, virtual and in-person meetings, and trainings.
  • The Communication Committee plans and coordinates the association’s outreach to members. We work together with other committees to share updates, promote events, and create opportunities for member engagement.

Connecting Public Health in Nebraska for over 70 Years

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