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Nebraska Community Health Workers now have an opportunity to take advantage of an online training program for individuals who assist clients in the prevention, management and self-management of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, prehypertension, hypertension, pre-diabetes, diabetes and asthma. The program also complements core competency by providing CHWs with added education, skill building and resources!

Please review the FAQs below – This online training regularly costs $80.00; however, the fees for this training have been waived for CHWs until the end of September 2018.

Once you are ready to start the training, please click on the video below on instructions on how to access this great training program for CHWs and others that help clients lead a better life by learning how to manage their chronic conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who created this training? Why?

Community Health Workers across Nebraska asked the state to offer training on chronic conditions because they have several clients living with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and/or diabetes or have clients at an increased risk for acquiring a chronic disease. CHWs wanted to know more about these diseases and how they can better assist their clients and community.

How long is the training? How is it structured?

There are five modules that CHWs can work through at their own pace.

What does the training cost?

The training regularly costs $80.

Are there any exceptions to that training cost?

The cost of the training is waived for all Nebraska CHWs until the end of September 2018. This allows all CHWs the opportunity to become better educated on chronic disease and their role in helping those living with chronic conditions.

Is there a certificate given after finishing the training?

After all five modules are completed, certificates of completion for each module will be available for CHWs to print off.