Serving Nebraska for 65 Years!

Do you have information that you’d like to share some members of the Public Health Association of Nebraska? Perhaps an event, a conference, training or webinar?

That’s great. As a service to our members, the Public Health Association of Nebraska from time to time shares information to its members about just these kinds of events.

So how to do it. That’s the question.

Please just put together a few sentences on your event. After all, you’re the expert!

Two to four sentences generally is perfect. Please let us know:

  • Who is sponsoring the event (our members appreciate when you spell out the sponsoring organization’s name);
  • Who should attend the event;
  • Where the event will be held; and
  • Who PHAN members should contact if they have questions.

Please also let us know whether your event is free or what the registration cost is.

The text alone should provide the reader with everything he or she needs to take the action that you’re hoping that they would take. Consider: “Would my reader know enough about the event and how to take the next steps if he or she read what I’ve written and nothing else?” If so, you’ve nailed it.

If you have PDF providing additional details your event as well, we can include it, as well.

Once you have your two to four sentences put together, please share it in the form below.