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The Future is Now – How Public Health Needs to Adapt to a World that is Rapidly Changing – John Auerbach, MBA Center for Disease Control

Better Together- Strategies for Improving Collaboration between Public Health and Primary Care – Brian C. Castrucci, de Beaumont Foundation

Heritage Health – Integrated System of Care – Calder Lynch, Medicaid Director

Advancing Health Equity and Improving Health for All Through a Systems Approach –  Dr. Lisa F. Waddell Chief Program Officer, Community Health and Prevention (ASTHO)


Public Health Nursing: A Key Partner for Healthy Populations in a Transformed Health System – Shirley Orr

Climate Change Impact on NE – Sen. Ken Haar

Nebraska Public Health Priorities – Maya Chilese, MA and Colleen Svoboda, MPH

Examining Disparities for People of Color – Liliana Bronner, MHSA, MBA and Maria Hines, MCP

Nebraska Walkable Communities Initiative- Early Success through a Community-Driven Engagement Approach – Brian Coyle & Jeremy Grandstaff

Current Nebraska State Oral Health – Dr. Charles Craft, DDS

Civil Support Team Supporting Nebraska’s Health and Safety – Bernadette McCrory, PHD, CPE

What is the Legal Message and Voice of Local Public Health via Health Departments and their Board of Health – Tim Sieh

Nebraska Prescription Overdose Prevention Program – Ashley Newmyer, MPH, CPH

Creating Common Language between Universities and the Community – Angela Palmer-Wackerly, PhD, Kim Matthews, MA, M.Ed and Virginia Chaidez, PhD

Point-of-Sale Tobacco Marketing, Smoking Behavior and Smoking-Induced Deprivation – Mo Siahpush, PhD

BYOV: Bring Your Own Voice – Margaret Brink, MS

Preventing Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases through Community-Wide Initiatives – Brenda Council, J.D., Lisa Schulze, Med and Melissa Tibbits, PhD